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A New Exhibition

A new week and a new fingerpainting in the pipeline.  There seems to have been a real interest in my last painting, Winter’s Duvet of Violet and Blue and subsequently sold very quickly.  It’s funny how it works, when I finished the painting, I really wasn’t sure if I was very pleased with it!  It usually takes me a few paintings before I produce one or two that I’m happy with, it’s only then that I get interested in another subject and move on.  I’m still keen on creating snow scenes so there will be a few more finger paintings of snow scenes to come, it’s the right season for it anyway!

So on to other news……I shall be exhibiting with The Talented Art Fair 2019 in March, 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Old Truman Brewery in E1 6QR.  The first day is a Private Viewing for the evening, you can get tickets, but will need to go through me, so ask if you are interested!  Other than that, the fair is free and you can just come along.  Come if you can and say hello!

I’m not entirely sure which paintings to bring along, there’s still time for me to ponder on that one.  One thing is for sure, you will see a lot of texture and vibrant colours coming from my wall!

Koi at Collier’s Corner

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