Live Finger Painting

On Saturday the 11th of May, I went to The Capital Gallery in Eltham where I have a selection of my paintings on show, in order to do some LIVE fingerpainting. I’ve not ever painted like this befor, so it was a whole new experience and rather strange. I do paint in front of my children and Husband but they’re usually not standing and watching what I’m doing!
I went in thinking I’ll probably only get the sky done on my beachscape but I got so engrossed and enjoyed all the visitors and atmosphere that I finished the main scene. I’ve since added a few bits to the beachscape back at the studio and now can announce its finished! It’s called A Fight in Flight.
It’s interesting how a painting develops, I had changed my mind at the last minute on how I was going to tackle the painting. As I started it, my fingers danced over the canvas and did a different look completely! I’ll let you judge whether or not you like it!
I do love a beachscape and using my fingers gives the painting more movement and life.
It was really interesting to find out people’s reactions to the fact that I do all my artwork using only my fingers. It’s definitely met with surprise that I paint my portraits with only my fingers!
Next time I do live painting I think I will consider doing a portrait. Not that I’m likely to finish it there, but I’ll get to show the audience how I tackle that type of painting.
There are so few painters that are exclusively fingerpainters, I only know of two other professional fingerpainters but they’re in America, I’m starting to think I’m all alone here in Britain…. leading the quest to change people’s ideas on this style, hopefully I’m proving it’s not just for children, grownups can do some interesting creations with their fingers too!

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A Fight in Flight
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