From My Hiding Place. 24 X 30 inches Oil on canvas textured oil finger painting by Saskia Skoric

Exciting developments….

Having done the Talented Art Fair in the beginning of March and on my eldest daughter’s birthday, which displeased her immensely, I have now visited The Capital Art Gallery in Eltham.  I met the owner, Carl, at the Talented Art Fair and he was fascinated by the fact that I only used my fingers to paint with. I don’t think he believed me that they are all painted with my fingers! Having been to the gallery, I now have eight of my paintings hanging in there as from Monday 1st April! I’m really pleased as there are no other artists in this gallery that are finger painters, so I’m currently unique! If you’d like to view some of my paintings in person then pop down to The Capital Art Gallery where 8 of my paintings will be hanging for the next four weeks, I shall be changing them over in 4 weeks.

As for now, my current subject I’m focusing on, is horses. I want to perfect my painting technique,  so far, I’ve been quite happy with the results but feel there is still something to achieve… I shall know when I’ve got it. In the meantime, I shall continue to paint horses as my main subject mixed with other subjects, landscapes and other animals…. watch out for my future projects.

I’ve no planned exhibitions at the moment but obviously if you’d like to view some of my work pop along to the Capital Gallery or if you wish to view one that isn’t hanging there, contact me to arrange a viewing with me.


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