Sunflower flowerscape oil painting fingerpainting impressionist Van Gogh style by Saskia Skoric

2019 A surprising start.

Well Happy New Year to all of you that have the time to read this blog!

Here we go again…..I started 2019 feeling unsure about what direction I was going to take my finger painting.  I haven’t by any means lost my passion but am aware that I can not ONLY paint and need to do more admin and public relations …PR along side my creations.

So I’ve stepped into the new year with a new look…… a completely new make over of my website, which I’m so happy with.  This time I am finally happy with the outcome. On the new website I have the option of google reviews,  I’m really pleased to see that the reviews are starting to come in…..all positive ones as well and all from true customers.

A new website….what next?  Well, I decided I needed to push myself and get out into the public a bit more.  It’s not something that I’m comfortable doing until I’m there.  In March, 1st, 2nd and 3rd I shall be part of the Talented Art Fair, this is hosted in The Truman Brewery, Dray Walk, F block G4/g5, off Hanbury street E1 6QR.

All of you are welcome to come along…. please do and come by and say hello.  I will give more details on here, Facebook, Instagram etc the nearer the time.

Now for the surprise….well, there I was wondering what direction to take with my love of finger painting, when suddenly TWO of my paintings sold in one weekend.  Both paintings were bought by previous customers, this is a great compliment and I’m chuffed to bits to see customers so happy with their last purchase, that they’re coming back for more.


I’m continuing to create affordable fine art, all my finger paintings are at a price that will not deter potential collectors or customers.  So, if you are looking for affordable fine art that is vibrant in colour and thick in texture, the texture alone gives so many more perspectives to a painting, and affordable……….then you know to contact me!

giraffe acrylic painting by Saskia Skoric realism
The Kiss now SOLD Prints available on request.







Sunflower flowerscape oil painting fingerpainting impressionist Van Gogh style by Saskia Skoric
Sunflower Sunshine is now SOLD. Prints available on request.








2 thoughts on “2019 A surprising start.”

  1. I have just received my two prints from Saskia – “Beeloved” and “”Sissi’s Bee”. I live them! They will framed and up on the wall as soon as I have finished decorating. Wonderful artwork. I recommend a good look at Saskia’s art.

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