About Saskia Skoric

Fine Arts

Saskia was named by her parents after the wife of the famous artist Rembrandt, not only as her Mother is Dutch but mainly to choose a name that was uncommon in England. It soon became apparent that there was more to the connection than just the coincidence of the name when at her primary school, she showed some considerable flair for art, producing some easily recognisable images in her school work. Besides being interested in many other things throughout her school life she always kept up a keen interest in her art work and went on to study an art foundation course at Maidstone College of Art and Design.

When time permitted together with raising three children, Saskia continued to produce many sketches and paintings, family portraits, animal/pet paintings and a range of other subjects. Having done many paintings in these categories, Saskia was continually being asked to take on commissions for her work.

More recently, Saskia is starting to express herself in oils and has experimented with ” Finger Painting”, which is a technique of applying the oils with the fingers. Check out her work on this site to see the effects of this style. One of the earlier examples of this art form is of two lion cubs on a safari track, entitled ” On the Prowl”.

Saskia’s enthusiasm for art is continually leading her to explore new ideas and ways to achieve excellence and is driven by her desire to improve on the last painting.

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