Saskia Skoric Fine Art

Short film about Saskia Skoric, a fine art finger painter from London.

Sunrise Slumber

The making of fingerpainting, Sunrise Slumber by Saskia Skoric, condensed into a time-lapse video. Watch the textured piece created in oils, come together.

Poppy Explosion

A short time-lapse video of the creation of this vibrant fingerpainting by Saskia Skoric. You will see the wild Poppies set in front of a blue sky, coming to life before your eyes.

Sunset Glow

Created over several days and condensed into a short time-lapse video, flowerscape Sunset Glow, by fingerpainter Saskia Skoric, magically comes together.

Meadow Bloom

Vibrant in colour and heavy in texture the fingerpainting Meadow Bloom created using oils, by Saskia Skoric, is condensed into a short time-lapse video.

Daisy Bloom

Watch the textures and colours of flowerscape, Daisy Boom, come together in a short time-lapse video by fingerpainter Saskia Skoric.

Wild Flowers

In a short time-lapse video, Saskia Skoric creates in oils, her flowerscape fingerpainting Wild Flowers.

Solitary Red

Watch the this short, time-lapse fingerpainting video by fingerpainter Saskia Skoric, creating her landscape of a lone Fox creeping through the woods using the medium of oils.

Autumnal Stripe

The creation of Autumnal Stripes speeded up into a short time-lapse video. Fingerpainter, Saskia Skoric paints this textured landscape using oils as her medium.

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