Better late than never!

Dear me!! Where does the time go? I’ve had no time to do my blog… excuses? Well, 3 children, a household to run, two new puppies and of course painting, I have about half an hour before bed and I’m so pooped I can’t even consider writing my blog, or even updating my artwork onto my website! Like I said… Deary me!
I’m going to try to change all that and become a bit more organised! It’s hard to do though.
So, what’s been happening apart from my little gorgeous puppies!
I started a painting a while ago of a woodland scene and having finished it, I realised it really hadn’t worked. It’s never a good feeling. I had taken a few progress photos along the way and realised it should really have gone along a more snowy route! So painfully, I scraped off the paint leaving just the trees and left it to dry. After a few other paintings, I went back to it and finally completed it. I put it on Facebook and bam! It sold! What a lovely outcome! It sold so fast I hadn’t even managed to think of a name for it, so it’s now named after the person that bought it! It could be a new thing, but a painting and have your name in the title!
Anyway, I’m going to write more about it but I will be doing two days of live Finger painting soon! I’m not sure what I will be tackling yet, I’m going to have a good think about that!
There’s lots more to say but it’s late and I’ve got to take the pups out! 🐶🐶😊

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